Workability – A UCP of Southern Arizona Employment program  

WorkAbility is an individualized and supportive employment program owned and operated by UCP of Southern Arizona (UCPSA) a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and preparing people with disabilities for competitive, integrated, and sustainable work opportunities in southern Arizona.


WorkAbility’s Summer Starting Line for Employment program starts on June 4th through July 27th.

The summer program is a fun way for young adults  to learn about employment and explore multiple career options.

The program runs for 8 weeks with students participating in internships for 5 of the weeks. The schedule will be M-F from 9am-2pm. For more info contact us at

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Donations made to WorkAbility/UCPSA qualify for the Arizona Tax Credit. Donors can receive a tax credit up to $200 for individuals and $400 for couples. The credit is automatic; no special form is needed. 

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We are grateful for our donor support and have been able to fund the following: 

  • Accessible Tables
  • Training Stations
  • Assistive Technology Devices
  • Software
  • Website 
  • Etc

All of this allows our members to efficiently learn, interact, and reach their employment goals.

We value these partnerships and are honored to be recipients!

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I have been working with the Workability team for approximately 2 years now. Through Workability I was able to hire 2 employees. These employees are working at Tucson Medical Center in the Food and Nutrition Services (FANS) department.

Both employees are extremely dependable and require a minimal amount of oversight. These employees have become a part of the FANS department family and contribute their best every shift they work.

Ruth Halter

Patient Services Manager, Tucson Medical Center

The WorkAbility program has helped me in many ways. I started with a class that prepared me to get a job and maintain one. The next step was having a job coach help me find a job that was right for me. Once I had secured a job, WorkAbility stayed until I was settled into the routine of work. WorkAbility is the place to go to help find a job and maintain it. Thanks to them I am happily employed as a Courtesy Clerk at Safeway!

Christy Owens

WorkAbility Member

Workability helped me by sending out skilled professionals to assist our employee with disabilities learn specific job duties with one on-one attention based visits. One thing I liked was the individualized plan they came up with for daily success. One job coach created a visual task list for our employee with Down Syndrome. She carefully took pictures of his daily activities and created a laminated list for him to refer to if he ever got stuck. The result was very successful. I found the experience with Workability to be very positive and supportive. As a manager in a school cafeteria, I would recommend Workability’s job coaches to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve greater success in the work place.

Heather Goslin

Cafeteria Manager, Sodexo Food Services

Our son Edward had a goal to move from supported to competitive employment and to work full-time. At WorkAbility Ed found a group of people who listened to him and made his goal their goal for him. Ed wanted a career rather than a job. The folks at WorkAbility went beyond helping Ed fill out applications. Ed learned interviewing skills and employment appropriate communications. He learned the importance of dressing appropriately. Most importantly, Ed learned patience and that sometime you have to go back and do a job you have previously done in order to go forward.  A lot of time you have to wait for what you want. Continuously supported by the staff at WorkAbility, Ed waited for his job at Sprouts. After two weeks on the job, Sprouts has given him more hours recognizing what WorkAbility and we as parents already knew — Ed is a good, committed worker who just needed the opportunity to demonstrate that he could rise to the challenge of full-time employment. Thank you WorkAbility for all your help and support.

Joanie Mauger


 I have been with WorkAbility for approximately three years. However I must be honest, my current position was not just handed to me. When I first arrived, I started out as an unpaid intern, in the months following my internship, I was offered a paid position as an Intake Specialist.  My position has since developed into a Community Outreach Specialist. This position has afforded me the opportunity to connect with local businesses and introduce them to our various programs and services. Some of the most valuable lessons that I have learned while working with the WorkAbility program, is to have the ability to think outside the box and it’s okay to make mistakes. “Nothing worth doing is ever easy, but with a little hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!” If I can achieve my goals, then so can you! If you are ready to invest in your goals, then WorkAbility can help you achieve them. Dream big, and aim high!

Mark Mendibles

Community Outreach Specialist for WorkAbility

WorkAbility has an innovative team that thinks outside the box to achieve success. We have partnered on countless projects with them and they always come through! It is an absolute pleasure working with them.

Hailey Thoman

Executive Director, Linkages

When my son graduated high school, I searched high and low for a quality program for him to attend.  Edgar’s dream was to work, I dreamed of a quality program to guide him in that journey. After searching extensively for programs we decided to visit them. None of the programs met our needs. Finally, our lovely speech pathologist at the U of A referred us to WorkAbility. With excitement, we learned how WorkAbility prepares individuals with special needs for the work force.

During our initial visit, as a parent I was very impressed with the professionalism the staff showed and loved that the program offered low student to staff ratio. The environment was clean, peaceful, and inviting! One of the teachers assured me that my son would be in good hands and I witnessed all of their security measures. We signed up for my son to participate in the transition class!

The transition class was a perfect fit for him. WorkAbility had so many activities in and out of the center. He really became much more independent with all these activities and with support from all of the competent staff. I am very thankful for WorkAbility and would highly recommend their program.


of one of the students

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

Pre-ETS are introductory Workshops in 5 key areas for any student between 14 and 22, who is attending school, and has a documented disability.

Class for Transition Age

This 20 week curriculum class for transition age students (usually ages 18-24) who have graduated from high school and would like to enter the work force. This curriculum is offered in the fall and spring and teaches students about job expectations, professionalism, proper work attire, communication, and much more.

employment WorkShop

This is a rotating 10 week series, geared towards individuals that have prior work experience, are wanting to brush up on soft skills, or are returning to the workforce after a long period of unemployment. The workshops are more discussion based and adult themed, but cover similar topics as the transition age class

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Job development / Coaching

Job Development is pre-employment supports such as resume building, learning job searching techniques, filling out applications, interview strategies, mock interviews, etc. Job Coaching is support provided to both the employee and employer. This may include task analysis, on or off site training, advocating, conflict resolution and transition supports that will assist the individual in sustaining the job.

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Summer Program

Is an 8 week program that covers a condensed version of the curriculum for students still attending high school, but over the age of 16.  The focus is on job exploration and self-determination.

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