These Workshops are meant to be a student’s first steps down the road to employment, education, and/or independent living. Workshop duration is negotiable, depending on the topic and the needs of the school or agency. The following are the workshops offered:

Job Exploration Counseling: Explore educational, training, and skill requirements for various careers

Work-Based Learning Experiences: Hands-on skills practice and assessments 

Post-Secondary Education Planning: Discover college/training options and promote a smooth transition from high school

Workplace Readiness Training: Develop soft skills related to employment and independent living

Instruction in Self-Advocacy: Cultivate self-determination and learn disability rights

Transition Age and Workshops

The Transition Age Class and the Workshops cover the same topics and are both 20 weeks long. The Workshop is a half a day program where the Transition Class is a full day. The Transition Class also explores and perform different jobs on site with businesses to see what a job entails and what are some of the expectations of employment. Below are some of the topics we cover in these programs:

Interest and Skill Assessments 

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy

Stranger Danger on the job, Transportation, and Communication at work

Attitude, Enthusiasm, Positive Work Behaviors, and Teamwork 

Appearance, Professionalism, and Self-Care

Applications, Resumes, Interview Strategies, and Networking

Independent Living, Sustainability, and Budgeting

Disability Benefits 101

Job Exploration and Placements…many more! 

Job development / Coaching

Job Development is pre-employment supports such as resume building, learning job searching techniques, filling out applications, interview strategies, mock interviews, etc. The goal is to assist people with disabilities in preparing for, obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in integrated work environments consistent with the client’s selected vocational goal, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice.

Job Coaching is support provided to both the employee and employer. This may include task analysis, on or off site training, advocating, conflict resolution and transition supports that will assist the individual in sustaining the job. The purpose of this service is to support a client while employed in a competitive job making at least minimum wage. The client will receive support on site with a job coach and may also receive additional skill training away from the job site. The goal of this service is to assist the client in gaining the skills and training necessary so the client retains the job after supports end.

Summer Program

Is an 8 week program that covers a condensed version of the curriculum for students still attending high school, but over the age of 16.  The focus is on job exploration and self-determination.