Benefits to Hiring an Individual from the WorkAbility Program
  1. An employer will receive a skilled and motivated employee
  2. Companies can advertise their participation in our program
  3. By opening job searches to qualified people with disabilities, companies gain access to a new and vital pool of talented worker
  4. A diverse and healthy workforce includes people with different abilities
  5. Companies will have a competitive advantage by adding new ideas, viewpoints and approaches to solving business challenges 
  6. Employees and customers will appreciate diversity in the work place
  7. Making accommodations for people with disabilities is usually easy and inexpensive and can actually carry a return
  8. Companies earn an average return of $28.69 for every dollar invested in making an accommodation
  9. Employing people with disabilities makes good business sense because it has a direct impact on the bottom line of a business 
  10. Retention rates among people with disabilities are higher than average, thus reducing training costs
  11. People with disabilities and their families are loyal customers to businesses who support them
  12. Customers with disabilities control discretionary income of nearly $200 billion (twice the teen market)

Think Beyond the Label

Think Beyond the Label is a public-private network that works to increase employment for qualified job seekers with disabilities.

One out of five Americans has a disability, but employers still struggle with finding candidates.

TBTL showcases companies’ investments in diversifying their workforce – and the success stories that come with that.

The message is simple: labels get in the way, disabilities rarely do.  Read more

Think Beyond the Label for businesses click here.

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

Our mission is to foster collaborations that make emerging technologies accessible. To support workplaces in using inclusive technologies that engage the skills of employees with disabilities. To build a future that works. For more info, click here

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

What is WOTC?

WOTC is a Federal tax credit available to employers who hire and retain veterans and individuals from other target groups with significant barriers to employment. Employers claim about $1 billion in tax credits each year under the WOTC program. There is no limit on the number of individuals an employer can hire to qualify to claim the tax credit, and there are a few simple steps to follow to apply for WOTC.

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More information from the Department of Labor for employers. Read more

Ask jan (JobACCOMMODATION Network) 

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. Working toward practical solutions that benefit both employer and employee, JAN helps people with disabilities enhance their employability, and shows employers how to capitalize on the value and talent that people with disabilities add to the workplace. 

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Arizona Association for People who Support Employment First

Arizona has an APSE chapter, they are working with multiple employment and state agencies to bring awareness, resources, and training to Arizona employers, individuals and job developers. WorkAbility is proud to be a chapter member. Click on the link below for more information.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of this chapter click here.

Employer Assistance Resource Network (EARN)

The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) is a free resource that helps employers tap the benefits of disability diversity by educating public- and private-sector organizations on ways to build inclusive workplace cultures. EARN offers information and resources to empower individuals and organizations to become leaders in the employment and advancement of people with disabilities. For more info, click here