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Skills to Work

Have An Interest In Joining Our Team As a Job Coach or an Employment Specialist?

Have an Impact and Support People to Gain Integrated Employment!

Qualifications and Expectations

  • Transportation is must 
  • Positions are part time
  • Must have technology experience
  • Must be able to complete the Direct Care Worker training
  • Must have or retrieve Article 9, CPR, and 1st AIDE credentials
  • Must pass a Background Check and Fingerprint Clearance
  • Understand Supported Employment Principles
  • Understand Self-Advocacy and Determination

Our goals

  • Advocate and support all individuals with a disability to obtain integrated, meaningful, and sustainable employment
  • Provide Customized Employment
  • Provide on the job supports to members and employers
  • Provide opportunities for people with disabilities to experience professional relationships within an employment setting
  • Provide exposure, preparedness, and training for employment in a classroom and/or community environment
  • Educate and provide outreach to businesses on the benefits of employing people with disabilities
  • Develop and maintain relationships with current and potential employers
  • Partner with community organizations and high schools to provide transition services


Follow Our Philosophy

 We take a holistic approach to supporting a person on their employment and/or journey to independence. “Life without Limits for All!” We follow Employment First Principles and customized employment practices. We also encourage self-determination in each other and in our members.

We value customer service and truly focus on providing quality services to our members and employers we provide services and conduct business with. 

We do not enable or HAND OUT jobs. Jobs are earned if a person wants to work!

Support Person Centered practices

We incorporate Person Centered Practices in all of our sessions and classroom settings. 

We believe people deserve the opportunity to possess a sense of ownership of their lives, feel supported in being a “Real” person – a human being with needs, wants, and desires. 

Participating, leading , and having choices on what their life may look like, is what every adult experiences.  This is key to leading an empowered, inclusive, and successful life!

Practice Self Determination

We expect all of our employees to practice self – determination for themselves and encourage this in the members and students WorkAbility supports. 

Self-Determination is the foundation to being able to work, live independently, have relationships, and navigate general adulthood activities. 

Build PArtnerships

We expect all of our employees to participate in building partnerships and breaking down barriers to employment for people with disabilities. 

Our staff are capable in  discussing benefits in hiring people with a disability and modelling best practices. 

These are additional keys to successful employment. 

The support happens for both members and employers!

Exhibit Professionalism

We expect our coaches to follow the mission, policies and procedures, work ethic, Employment First principles, and overall philosophy of the WorkAbility program and UCP of Southern AZ. 

We expect coaches to have a positive attitude, be professional, and be willing to learn and support alongside the person they are supporting.

Coaches Corner

My first experience in the field was a volunteer job at Happy Acres Day Camp in 1976. I was hooked. I became interested in behavioral science while in college. A friend suggested becoming a therapeutic foster parent. I was a foster parent for over 3 years. I stopped fostering because I adopted one of my foster children and he needed more stability to feel secure in the family. When I moved to Arizona In 2000, I was working in retail at the time. The culture shock was overwhelming and I decided to go back to working with individuals with disabilities again. I went to The Blake Foundation starting in the DTA’s and became a supervisor. Then one of my families suffered a tragedy and I helped them get settled and eventually the client ended up living with me. After she moved into her own home, I went to work in Independent Living where I am still employed. I was looking for a second job when I called a friend who worked at UCPSA. She thought I would really fit well at WorkAbility and after learning more about it I realized it was a great new opportunity. So here I am.

Michelle Morgan
Michelle Morgan, Employment Specialist

Carving and Customizing Jobs

Job carving and customizing may need to happen occasionally for some of our members. We like to think its an amazing opportunity to partner with businesses in order to meet their needs and cut down on retention and the cost of recruitment. WorkAbility coaches may be doing some carving and customizing when they are developing.

Here is a great video showcasing how this coffee shop carved and customized one of their jobs for a job seeker!

Go to ODEP for more info on Customized Employment

Good Job Development and coaching

What Does Good Job Development and Coaching Look Like? 
  • Meeting the person where they are
  • Provide Customized Employment: Discovery of both job seeker and employer, plan, propose and negotiate, conduct a work site analysis, and train coaches. Make sure the relationship between employer and job seeker is mutual!
  • Support people and match them up with a job that fits into their skill sets and interests
  • Assess skills and abilities. Teach people to self assess
  • Follow code of ethics 
  • Build, educate, and maintain relationships with employers and members
  • Demonstrate and practice professionalism in all areas
  • Maintain relationships with state funding agencies and school districts
  • Understand the national and local employment landscape and legislation of Arizona
  • Understand the Work Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
Contact WorkAbilityUCPSA – workability@ucpsa.org