How WorkAbility Began

What started as an idea became a reality for UCP of Southern Arizona (UCPSA). UCPSA was receiving feedback from families speaking about the lack of employment opportunities for their kids of transition age. Vanessa Zuber, Director of Employment Services for UCPSA, sought to set up a volunteer position for a client that was on her caseload, at the UCPSA office, which would ultimately turn into a paid position for the individual. Between the position at the UCPSA and feedback from families wanting a bridge program from high school to adulthood, this became the catalyst for the future WorkAbility program. 

Vanessa and the WorkAbility team kicked off the Starting Line for Employment and new intakes on January 20th 2014 – Martin Luther King holiday. We felt that this day was apropos!

Since 2014, we have assisted more than 100 members into post-secondary and competitive and integrated employment. We believe in the power of building partnerships and providing education within our community.  

Presently, WorkAbility offers a variety of employment services and resources to the businesses, people with disabilities, high schools, and the community. 

The Staff

Vanessa Zuber

Director Employment Services

Brande Kitzberger

Curriculum Services Program Manager

Julie Williams

Job Developer

Mark Mendibles

Community Outreach Coordinator

Sadie Pendleton

Employment Program Coordinator

Corinne Perez

Employment Program Coordinator

Carly Frey

Employment Program Coordinator

Janet Llamas

Employment Program Coordinator

Cindy Anderson

Employment Specialist

Manuel Peters

Employment Specialist

Michelle Morgan

Employment Specialist

Madeline Jarboe

Employment Specialist